Student wellbeing

We seek to serve others as Christ came to serve. As a part of this service, we seek to establish a safe and caring environment where students can thrive. Through the challenges of life, the highs and lows that come, we look to Christ to carry us through. This sentiment is held by our Christian staff and in the programs and care that we implement.

We utilise a restorative welfare and discipline system where we work with families to assist in establishing a positive learning environment for all students. We ensure that every student who wants to engage with their learning can do so unencumbered.

As a part of a multi-dimensional wellbeing approach that combines welfare and discipline, we engage our school leadership, chaplain and classroom teachers to partner with families for their children. 

We seek to maintain a safe and caring culture at Sattler Christian College. One of the ways we do this is by sharing our ‘Manners Before Matters’ framework with our school families and staff every year. We also insist upon high behavioural standards across our school.

Sattler Christian College focuses on highlighting and celebrating the students that demonstrate the following values in community:

  • Show Integrity
  • Be Responsible
  • Build Community
  • Serve Others
  • Faithfulness in Learning

Show Integrity

  • Doing the right thing when no one is looking.
  • Being honest and trustful.

Be Responsible

  • Making good choices that show you care about yourself, property, belongings and our community.

Build Community

  • Making others feel included and welcome.

Serve Others

  • Helping other people.
  • Doing something for someone else.
  • Being kind.

Faithfulness in Learning

  • Putting in a good effort and trying your best.
  • Being consistent, diligent and persevering.
  • Demonstrating curiosity and enthusiasm to discover new things or understand better.