Education at Sattler

An educational journey that changes lives

Our College is well known for its data informed practises and for teaching the Australian curriculum from a Christian worldview. This approach to education focuses on children holistically and seeks to inspire their head, hearts and hands.

We are an authentic Christian school and 100% of our staff are practising Christians as the Bible teaches. We do this unapologetically, knowing that our community desires to have a Christian school like ours in this rural area of Darwin.

In partnership with families and churches, we seek to raise up generations of societal changers for the betterment of the Northern Territory.

We use a process called Disciplined Dialogue to analyse current performance across all aspects of our school. It is used to critique our current practises and resources and their effectiveness on our students’ education. We approach qualitative and quantitative data with these three questions:

  • What does the data say?
  • Why do we think the data is the way that it is?
  • What, if anything, can be done about it?

We then implement data-informed action plans, ensuring our own continuous improvement.

Early Learning Centre

Kingdom Kids is our early learning provider. It operates on our College grounds, offering high quality care and educational programs for 3-5 year olds in a Christ-centred environment.

Primary school (Transition – Year 6)

We believe the primary school years are formational years for children’s thinking and learning who they are as individuals, created by God. We help them thrive during these pivotal years.

Middle school

We believe these are transformational years for teenagers. Their thinking is often set and fixed, however we challenge this by teaching a growth mindset, infused with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Secondary senior school (Years 10-12)

Northern Territory Christian College (NTCC) currently provides Years 10 -12 at Sattler. Students gain access to exciting academic opportunities and benefit from high quality learning environments.