Council and NTCS membership

As with the original group of parents who started the organisation, members of NT Christian schools seek to apply the Biblical direction to train up children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). They are also committed to shaping the kind of education that children attending Sattler Christian College experience. Members want children to receive high-quality, authentic – not tokenistic – Christian education.

A strong and committed membership body is vital to continuing the work of Christian education. We seek to partner with Christian parents to help them fulfil their mandate of educating their children in Christ. We encourage Christian parents, grandparents, carers, staff, and others dedicated to the cause of Christian education, to consider becoming members.

NT Christian Schools is a member-based public company, limited by guarantee and governed by a constitution.

When a person becomes a member, they are:

• Committing to protect and preserve the mission and vision of NT Christian Schools.

• Accepting a role in ensuring that the activities of NT Christian Schools are consistent with that mission and vision.

• Committing to governing the organisation by exercising their vote for Board and Council members.

• Delegating to the Board to govern on their behalf.

• Expressing an interest in staying informed and prayerful about the life of the organisation.

Members are warmly invited to attend NT Christian Schools’ Annual General Meetings where they can expect to receive audited financial statements, information about the activities of each school and future initiatives. Members are also consulted about any significant changes to the organisation’s structure and function.

Members are responsible for voting for directors and contributing to their local governance processes. Members are also encouraged to prayerfully consider whether they could serve on the Board or the Sattler Christian College Council for a season.