Senior school pathways

Senior school pathways: the NTCC advantage

NT Christian College is the senior years education provider (Years 10-12) for all our schools. NTCC operates locally on each NT Christian Schools campus, allowing for the sharing of resources, knowledge and diverse opportunities for students.

NT Christian College has been operating for more than 20 years and provides high-quality Christian education in a positive, rigorous and community-focused environment. NTCC welcomes students and families, regardless of their gifts, abilities or backgrounds.

The aim of NTCC is to help students. find their path and step into their future.

Find their path

We help students understand who they are in Christ, as people and as learners. Students explore and identify their passions and abilities, and we support students to cultivate their strengths as we find the vocational path that’s right for them.

Step into their future

We support students to develop in all aspects of their lives — personally, academically, spiritually and socially — so they have the skills to live, work and navigate the complexities of our world. Students grow in confidence during their time at NTCC, allowing them to step boldly into their future.