Middle School

We are very proud of our Sattler middle school, which caters brilliantly for the learning and developmental needs of students. Early adolescence is a particularly challenging time in a student’s life and a traditional secondary approach often doesn’t meet the needs of today’s youth very well. We have developed an approach that seeks to cater specifically for the needs of early adolescent students.

We do this by:

  • Providing a pastorally nurturing environment, utilising homerooms and home teachers, that fosters a sense of belonging
  • Using a holistic approach where learning is connected and contextualised.
  • Recognising and valuing each student’s uniqueness.
  • Offering a dynamic curriculum, including the 1:1 iPad program, camping program, and a range of subjects, including performing arts, conservation – in partnership with the Territory Wildlife Park – technologies and Indonesian.
  • Working closely with families, maintaining excellent lines of communication, and facilitating meaningful involvement of parents in their children’s learning.
  • Using a Christian foundation and view of life that permeates the school and the curriculum.

At Sattler, we do all the above while still covering the academic areas of the Australian curriculum. We also put a strong focus on helping students master literacy and numeracy.