Our motto

Changing Lives

Our motto is ‘Changing Lives’. We regularly refer to this motto with parents, students and staff. For example, it’s a key touchstone in encouraging students to value one another and their learning. It’s also an important frame of reference for curriculum development and implementation. It’s certainly more than just rhetoric. All our staff are committed Christians and this significantly impacts the way they love, nurture and teach the students in their care. Fully extrapolated, we see Sattler Christian College is Changing Lives, for generations to come, in all things, at all times, to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Sattler Christian College is a member of the NT Christian Schools, formerly known as NTCSA. As well as striving to live out our own motto, Sattler Christian College seeks to fulfil the NT Christian Schools vision and mission statements.

NT Christian Schools’ vision: ‘To be Christian communities, learning together to live life as God intended, offering hope for the world.’
NT Christian Schools’ mission: ‘To seek to provide education, training and care in faithful response to the Gospel of Christ.’